Firm Profile

McNutt Law Group LLP is focused on our vision of how a law practice should be run. We began the firm with a focus on selected engagements in various forms of bankruptcy representations, including the representation of creditors' committees, debtors, and post confirmation entities. In 2007 we expanded our vision to include a litigation department that focuses on engagements in general civil litigation matters, including complex commercial litigation, and litigation that arises out of our representations in the insolvency department.

Our vision is to always produce beneficial results for our clients. In order to accomplish this, we have taken several steps. First, MLG has sought to embrace the potential of technology. Technology allows us to provide superior service in a practice often driven by accounting, finance, communications and data management issues. Second, MLG only employs attorneys experienced in these areas of insolvency and litigation and has developed expertise in hiring and managing outside firms when needed. When we need specialists, such as securities or intellectual property litigation expertise, we hire attorneys with whom we have relationships. These attorneys are employed by other firms and are not on the MLG payroll. We supervise these attorneys, acting essentially as general counsel, and achieve a high level of client responsiveness and billing control. Although MLG does not benefit financially from this arrangement, we have the advantage of being able to select the best lawyers available, lawyers who trust us as valuable clients and are responsive to our clients' priorities. Finally, MLG has designed itself to "let lawyers be lawyers," taking maximum advantage of non-lawyers, such as bookkeepers, CPA's, and a large non-lawyer staff.

Our goal is to always create an underlying infrastructure that will allow us to staff each large matter in a manner appropriate to the particular client's needs and to manage cases efficiently from beginning to end. This approach is particularly useful in large cases, which often fail to emphasize client objectives. Too often, we have seen case strategy driven by a law firm's needs rather than the client's needs.

All this leads to our philosophy of packing light and moving fast, and to our firm motto:

"We strive to provide the best insolvency and litigation services – client-focused and flexible."

MLG appropriately staffs larger cases with teams of attorneys and other staff, such as paralegals, clerical staff and accountants. We limit the number of core team members to only those reasonably necessary to get the job done. We hold the team members accountable for reporting to the supervising attorney on how their tasks further the overall case objectives and timetable, and for performing excellent, effective work on the timetable.

MLG bills at competitive hourly rates absent some other arrangement. Of course in creditors' committee and debtor representations, payment of compensation is dependent on whether the debtor has funds available and the success of the firm's work. Additionally, MLG is aware that hourly billing often puts in conflict the interests of client and lawyer and is willing to explore incentive arrangements that bring into economic alignment the interests of the client and the lawyer. We are always willing to discuss, at the outset of a transaction, alternative billing arrangements in light of the client's business objectives and ideal timetable, which allows the firm and the client to reach a shared definition of "success."