Presentations & Speaking Engagements

Black Swans in Bankruptcy: Foreseeable Issues That Always Surprise

July 9, 2013
Commerical Law and Bankruptcy Sedction
Bar Association of San Francisco
Moderator: Scott H. McNutt
Speaker: Shane J. Moses
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Mediation is Some Kind of Wonderful: Learn How to Turn Disputes Into Deals and Conflicts into Collarboration

May 19, 2013
Young Insolvency Professional Programs
25th Annual California Bankrutpcy Forum
Panelist: Scott H. McNutt

Surviving Lender Action During the Current Liquidity Crisis

June 2009
Pacific Coast Builders Conference 2009
The Moscone Center, San Francisco
Speaker: Scott H. McNutt

Storming the Ramparts and Repelling the Invaders: Writs of Attachments, Claims of Exemption and the Economic Core of Debt Collection

March 2009
BASF Conference Center, San Francisco
Moderator: Marianne M. Dickson

Surviving Through Lender Action: Life After Chapter 11 and Chapter 7

January 2009
Building Industry Coalition for Economic Recovery
Speakers: Scott H. McNutt, Marianne M. Dickson

5th Annual Bankruptcy Ethics Symposium

December 2008
Federal Bar Association, Los Angeles Chapter
Speaker: Scott H. McNutt

Protecting Your Business from Accessibility Lawsuits

June 2007
Golden Gate Restaurant Association
Speaker: Michael A. Sweet

How to Stop Your Competitors from Stealing Your Trade Secrets and Employees; Also, What You May Lawfully Poach in California

November 2006
Labor and Employment Law Section
Santa Clara County Bar Association
Speaker: Michael A. Sweet

UCL Remedies, The Scope of Restitution and Injunctive Relief

May 2006
Bridgeport Continuing Education 2006 UCL and Class Action Litigation Conference
Speaker: Michael A. Sweet

Insurance in Bankruptcy: Getting It When You Need It, Getting $$$ Out of It

April 2006
Bar Association of San Francisco
Moderator: Scott H. McNutt


  • How can you realize value from insurance policies?
  • Tips and tricks for preserving insurance coverage.
  • How can you get the right coverage for committees, postconfirmation trustees, and other bankruptcy entities?